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CURAC Update: Vibrant Voices: advocating for seniors

October 05, 2019 1:23 PM | Anonymous

CURAC has joined with seven other national retiree organizations to engage in a non-partisan role in the current federal election campaign which ends on the formal voting day (October 21). 

The goal is ensure that the following issues are on the public agenda: a national pharmacare program, post-retirement income security, and the general issue of a national strategy for seniors. This is intended to assist members to participate in the campaign if they wish to do so. You can find the article on the Vibrant Voices campaign at https://www.curac.ca/newsletters/curacarucc-nl/nl-summer2019/vibrant-voices-advocating-for-retirees/.

Vibrant Voices has developed a few questions for each of the three priority issues that may be useful in all-candidates meetings, in letters to candidates, or when engaging with candidates or volunteer canvassers at the door. For a fuller briefing on each issue, see information sheets at  https://www.rto-ero.org/sites/default/files/vibrant-voices-lp/fact-sheet/Vibrant_Voices-info-sheets.pdf .

For those who wish to connect with other advocates working at the local level, please follow these links:

Prioritize Pharmacare Questions

  1. How will your party implement a universal, public, comprehensive, accessible and portable pharmacare program?
  2. What timeline does your party propose for the implementation of a universal, public pharmacare program?
  3. How will your party ensure that federal and provincial governments work together effectively to implement universal, public pharmacare?
  4. How will your party ensure a comprehensive, quality, evidence-based formulary, so that Canadian’s can access the medications they need to maintain and improve their health?

Make Retirement Income More Secure Questions

  1. What is your party’s retirement income security plan for seniors now and for future generations?
  2. How will you ensure employees and retirees with defined benefit pensions are protected if their employer goes bankrupt?
  3. How will your party support defined benefit pension plans?
  4. In 2016, the federal government introduced Bill C-27, legislation that would allow employers to cut accrued or earned defined benefit pensions. What is your party’s position on this legislation and this approach?

Implement A National Seniors Strategy Questions

  1. How will your party implement a National Seniors Strategy that addresses health care infrastructure, caregiver support, home care, long-term care and age-friendly communities?
  2. How will your party ensure that quality, safe and adequately funded home, community and long-term care options are available to meet the needs of our aging population?
  3. How will your party recognize and support unpaid caregivers who play a vital role in our health care systems?
  4. How will your party support health care and personal support professionals to better meet the growing need for geriatric expertise in Canada?

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