MURA Council 2010-2011

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Honorary President — Arthur Bourns*


President —  Joe Laposa
Past President — Joan Parker
Vice President — Beth Csordas
Secretary — Wayne Rouse*
Treasurer — Beth Csordas*

   * Ex Officio

Elected Councillors

Serving until 2011
Mike Hedden
Stefania Miller

Serving until 2012
Kathy Overholt
Pam Penny
Marianne Walters

Serving until 2013
Helen Dietsche
Alan Fraser
Mary Johnston
Shari Mercer

Standing Committee Chairs

Annual General Meeting — Pam Penny
Christmas Lunch —  Pam Penny
Condolence Cards —  Helen Dietsche
Constitution and By-Laws — Helen Barton
Membership —  Pam Penny
MURAnews —  Kathy Overholt (Chair), Mary Johnston (Editor)
Nominating —  Helen Barton
Pensions and Benefits —  Marianne Walters
Special Events —  Mary Johnston
Trips —  Anne Sinclair** (Consultant & Organizer)
Web Site —  Marianne Van der Wel**

   ** Consultant, Non-Voting

Liaisons And Delegates

College And University Retiree Associations Of Canada (CURAC) Delegate — Joe Laposa
Hourly Pension Plan Retirement Committee Observer — Cliff Andrews**
Hourly Staff Liaison — Al Fraser
Human Resources Delegate — Michele Leroux**
MUFA Liaison — Lorraine Allen, Marianne Walters
Salaried Pension Trust Committee Delegate (Voting) — Les Robb**
CAW Liaison — Kathy Overholt
University Board Of Governors, Observer — Lorraine Allan**

   ** Consultant, Non-Voting

Special Projects

Academic Awards Endowment — Beth Csordas, Helen Barton
Fundraising - MURA Cards — Kathy Overholt
Volunteer Bureau — Helen Barton, Joe Laposa
Receptions Committee — Beth Csordas, Joe Laposa

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