McMaster health, dental & life insurance

Post-retirement benefits provided to retirees by McMaster University may include: 

  • extended health care -- financial compensation for hearing aids, glasses, physiotherapy, chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, hospitalizations, etc.
  • dental
  • group life insurance
  • out of province travel insurance

Eligibility for post-retirement benefits varies by employee group and may include a co-pay arrangement. Benefit entitlements change upon retirement, depending on the group you belonged to when employed, as well as the date upon which you retired, so it is important to review your entitlements in your retiree benefit booklet.

Your HR Advisor will be able to assist you with what this means for you and to confirm your eligibility.

Retiree benefits are “fixed" at the time of retirement and do not change after that, i.e. they will neither increase or decrease, with the exception of the prescription drug benefit, which becomes a supplemental benefit at age 65 when the Ontario Drug Benefit (or other provincial drug benefit) becomes the primary payer.

If you need further information or assistance, contact:

MURA has a Pensions and Benefits committee whose chairperson you can reach by email at

For detailed benefits booklets, information about the post-retirement co-pay program, out of province health coverage, life insurance beneficiary forms and more, see:

McMaster Human Resources Retiree Information

For additional information on McMaster benefits, see:
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