MURA Council 2015-2016

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Honorary President — Alvin Lee*


President — Leslie King
Past President — Mary Johnston
Vice President — Heather Grigg
Secretary — Kathy Overholt*
Treasurer — Beth Csordas*

   * Ex Officio

Elected Councillors

Serving until 2016
Brian Beckberger
Shari Mercer

Serving until 2017
Dianne Bird
Phyllis DeRosa-Koetting
Peter Sutherland

Serving until 2018
Gail Britton
Dianne Coventry
Nora Gaskin

Standing Committee Chairs

Annual General Meeting — Gail Britton
Benefits & Pensions — Peter Sutherland
Christmas Lunch — Gail Britton
Communications — Heather Grigg
Condolence Cards — Shari Mercer
Constitutional Matters — Dianne Coventry
Membership — Helen Barton
MURAnews — Phyllis DeRosa-Koetting
Nominating — Mary Johnston
Trips and Special Events — Shari Mercer
Volunteering — Betty Ann Levy*
Web Site — Marianne Van der Wel*

   * Ex Officio

Liaisons And Delegates

College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC) Delegate — Mary Johnston
Hourly Pension Plan Retirement Committee Observer — Cliff Andrews**
Hourly Staff Liaison — Cliff Andrews**, Dianne Coventry
Human Resources Delegate to MURA Council — Michele Leroux
MUFA Liaison — Betty Ann Levy
Salaried Pension Trust Committee Delegate (Voting) — Bob West**
Unifor Liaison — Dianne Bird, Mary Johnston
University Board Of Governors, Observer — Betty Ann Levy

   **Consultant, Non-Voting

Special Projects

Academic Awards Endowment — Beth Csordas
Archives  — Mary Johnston
Fundraising — MURA Cards — Dianne Bird

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