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CURAC [College & University Retirees Association of Canada]/ARUCC
Fall 2016 Newsletter is here.  It features:
our own Past President, Mary Johnston on page 1 as a member of the 2016-2107 Board.

If you like to travel , pages 23-27 reminisce about the 2016 trips arranged by CURAC travel partner, Collette .  Pages 27-28, describe exciting trips planned for next year by the same group event travel planner, Colette, that CURAC has an affinity agreement with.  As members of MURA, a member association of CURAC, you are eligible to participate.

The 2016 annual conference held in Saskatoon is well described along with bios for those who received  service and merit awards,the new executive for next year and member associations.  Next year, the CURAC conference will be at Carlton  University in Ottawa

Press here to read the Summer 2016 CURAC newsletter (in pdff format)

Featured in our summer 2016 issue of MURAnews, that is
available.  Press here for  access to the entire issue.

  • President’s Corner –  page 1
  • Meet Our Newest Council Member - page 2
  • Special Event:  Art Gallery of Hamilton (Sep 9) – page 7
  • Christmas Lunch: mark the date (Dec 5) – page 8
  •  Retirement Records, Changing Beneficiaries – page 3
  • Shingles Vaccine, Year-end Sun Life benefits reminderpage 3
  •  Report to Hourly Retirees page 4
  •  The Human Resources Teampage 4
  •   Changing your MAC ID Password  - page 5
  •    Retirees in the Online Directory - page 6
  •   Parking News page 8
  •  Volunteer Opportunities:  Hamilton Police Services, City of Hamilton Recreation page 7
  • Welcome New Members and Recent Passings  -- page 8
  • CURAC Conference report and group insurance offer - page 9
  • Cinderella: The Panto  - St. Jacobs Trip  - page 10

And there's more on every page!

The 2016 CURAC newsletter is here.  Find out about this year's Conference and AGM to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in May (page 1).   Other topics:
President’s message / page 2
SFU celebrates its jubilee / page 3
Giving it away: Getting some respect / page 4
Mexican winter interlude / page  7
Sunny days for healthcare? / page 10
Governments ponder pension  reforms / page 11
Is cheating death by euthanasia ever a solution?/ page 13

To read the entre newsletter, press