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Peter George, who served three terms at President and Vice-Chancellor of McMaster before retiring in 2010, died on April  27, 2017 at age 75.  We express our condolences to family, friends and colleagues.  For more information, please go to:
Also please see page 5 of our Spring MURAnews (scroll down) for recent honours bestowed on Peter George.

The Spring 2017 issue of MURAnews is here.  Featured in this issue of MURAnews:

    Annual General Meeting and Luncheon – Wednesday, June 7:
  For details see page 1 and page 2 - and remember to RSVP by May 26!
       This year's Special Presentation to the AGM: 

The History and Future Prospects of the Hamilton Harbour,
by Nancy Bouchier, professor of history and kinesiology, McMaster University

    Nominating Committee Report for MURA Council 2017/2018 - page 3

    Your Money/ Your Health
          - Canada Pension Plan Survivor Pension – page 4
          - Thinking of Moving to a Retirement Residence? 
                     – page 5

    McMaster News and Events
          - Honours for Peter George - page 5
          - Lager Lecture – page 8

    Welcome New Members and Recent Passings - page 5
    Protect yourself from scamspage 6

    Greenbyte wants your old computer equipmentpage 6
    Volunteer Opportunitiespage 7
            - Community Volunteers for May and June
            - Convocation assistants

    Pinterest – an online web site for organizing & sharing images – page 8
    Shaw Festival Trip - The Madness of George III - page 9

            - alternate trip with the Mohawk Retirees to see Me and My Girl – page 9

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Member Benefits through CURAC/ARUCC
An informative Letter from the Assocation's 
Kenneth Craig.